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I don't coddle slackers and I care less about a student's ability than I do about his effort. I prefer to spend time on students who are eager to learn something new instead of those looking for reinforcement of what they think they know. The Good-to-Bad ratio of the critiques I receive is around 15:1 so I must be doing something right. The negative reviews range from polite to ruthless, but they're usually entertaining. I've preserved a few examples of both kinds here in their original state. Enjoy!


“Brian used his lecture time to complain about anime. Then reads critique forms such as this to the class to try and discourage people from complaining about him.”

“The Course Director is an excellent teacher and artist, as were all of the instructors...except Brian.”

“Brian is a wart on the anus of a cancerous rodent, rotting is a moldy, forgotten coner of the universe. He made fun of me constantly, mocking anime and the stuff the got me into this field.”

“Brian - has needs.”

“Brian needs a lesson in humility.”

“Brian told me in face that I can’t draw.”

“Brian is very negative and a ‘tool.’”

“Intimidated by Brian, afraid to ask him questions.”

“Brian read another class’s critiques in front of our class. He ridiculed both the students and their comments. This was very immature and unprofessional of him. It says a great deal about his character (or lack of it) and the thinness of his skin. Brian should walk his talk. It is particularly ironic that he lectured the class on professionalism and learning how to take criticism several times. Very disappointing.”

“Brian’s sensitivity was overwhelmingly astounding. I’ve only met such emotion from a lap dog.”

“Brian is knowledgable, however--I was not happy when he read out the previous months critiques out loud to our class. Main reason was he called the student who filled out the form an “idiot.” Other than that, great guy. I wish the class was longer then 2 months.”

“Brian is a very talented artist who is always willing to help when needed.”

“Brian, although evil, was able to help me break through a few ideas I didn’t know how to express artistically.”

“Brian is the crazies.”

“Brian incorporates humor with intelligence.”

“Brian, despite his rather dubious reputation, is a great guy with a great sense of humor always livened up class.”

“Brian was very knowledgeable and quite helpful to us lazy, slack-ass bastards.”

“Brian was a big help because he made sure we got that it’s process over product.”

“Brian - good.”

“Brian - he is cool but drinks Hater-Aid sometimes and despises certain things. Other than that he is a very good artist and advisor.”

“Brian Germain is much more than a lab specialist and should be compensated for his superior knowledge in many subjects and his ability to convey that information in a manner easy to process.”

“Brian, Tom, and Holly turned out to be better than any traditional art college’s teachers I’ve had. Each are very interesting people who obviously enjoy what they do which, in effect, makes it easier for students to enjoy and learn.”

“Brian’s crazy as is Tom.”

“Brian was tough on people but deep inside he was just being honest and trying to help.”

“It was a pleasure and honor working and learning from my instructors. They are really nice person and very talented.”

“Brian needs some Nicorette.”

“Brian needs a girlfriend.”

“Maybe a little more criticism on student work. Tell me when I suck. Brian did that. Thanks.”

“Brian needs to watch more anime.”

“...Brian told me that he secretly loves and watches anime all day, every day.”

“Brian needs a raise and I hear he does obsene things w/goats.”

“Great class! Everyone was very helpful even Brian who likes to pretend that he is cynical and tough. Inside he has a heart of gold. Give the man some cookies and milk to bring out the teddy bear in him.”

“Brian is a tool, and he can’t get enough of Yes and Wham!”

“I truly appreciated the little pep talk from Brian, it helped me to stay focused.”

“Brians not a tool he despreatly needs a raise so no company takes him away.”

“Brain go watch some anime and Transformers.”

“Brian was an evil bastard, I wish I could have had him more, it was great.”

“This course exceeded my expectations. Never before in my life have I gained so much knowledge and had this much fun at the same time. The class should be longer than a 2 month course. The instructors are all very knowlegable of the subjects taught and all are extremely gifted. If they’re one class that I’ll never forget after graduation--it’s this one.”

“Brian Germain - 10. Brian went out of his way to assist me during figure drawing, thank you.”

“If raises are based on being an ass, Brian deserves a big one! This has been a great class with great teachers, thanks! Requisite ‘I learned a lot’ statement. Like, how much of an ass Brian is.”

“This class is excellent. All the teachers are great. Brian is funny as hell. All of them are very cool and help as much as possible. Best class at this school. You all deserve raises. P.S. Brian is a tool.”

“I enjoyed this class more than any so far. It has been very helpful and I wish it were twice as long. The instructors all deserve raises, and perhaps company cars. I feel I have become a better artist because of them!”

“I cannot speak or think higher of this program class and its faculty. I have experianced studio art classes at other colleges and was impressed and amazed at the quality of expression both encouraged and demonstrated by the teachers of this class. The attention paid to sculpture and life drawing were handled at a professional level which helped bring the awareness of the student body to a professional level. Incredible! All the instructors are living examples of the best we can hope to be artistically in the industry. Thank you! The expertize and advice they offer should be recommended to students at all levels of this school and positively paid accordingly. Viva la Genie!”

“Brian Germain is awesome I mean come on he draw so good and is so funny every joke he made I was on the ground. I also learned so much from him I couldn’t count it both my hands. He is the best!”

Loved this class. Oh yeah, Brian is an arrogant bastard, so give him a raise.”

“The instructors were great (except for Brian who was a conceited ass, :-) ). I think we should have spent more time on the modeling and less time on still life. Nude models are not needed, I doubt I’ll ever need to model or animate naked people.”

“Brian your more funny than the sound Gak makes.”

A wise mentor once told me you can't teach and be politically correct at the same time.
Any attempts to do so result in a bland, flavorless styrofoam of education,
devoid of the nutrients that are necessary for growth.